Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

EEK! AKA traffic report.

Black Ice, folks.  And plenty of it.

We left Springfield at about 1440 hrs after DH's "procedure" and, just the other side of Republic (on 60, of course) there was a MESS of these-two-or-three-skidded-off-and-everyone-else-skidded-on-the-black-ice.

We had been going the limit and that tried to change abruptly.  It didn't change as quickly or smoothly as I'd hoped/planned.  WE went skidding around another skidding car with me pumping the brakes and babying the steering wheel and went between that car and a post and something else and back on the road.  And when the adrenaline wore off I had a good shake and a few tears (we were in a parking lot by then so I could).  And when we get back on the road after the little dance everyone was pretty happy to do 10-12 MPH the rest of the way.  No crowding, no attempts at passing.

AFAIK, no-one was hurt in that first slide-off, but Ah-dunno about the 12-pax on its side between Billings and Marionville

SO glad today that I can decide it's too bad to drive -- ambulance drivers and such, I've got a Mala to Ganesh going on your behalf.
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