Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Whee! I fix 'puter!

So DH was having a problem with some program he bought for his computer and stuff had to be downloaded and I don't know what-all but it just wasn't working.  And support has some really short hours and he's at work then.   And got frustrated.

And I remembered that when I downloaded the update for Adobe, I had a choice of Mac/PC and then IE/FF.....
now we have just PCs in the house, since we don't do graphics much if at all.  And that for some things I have to switch to IE to get them to display right.

And I mentioned that I didn't know if he ran FF, but was it possible that the program was set up for one-or-the-other?  And he cleared stuff off,, and redid things with the other one (i.e., IE) and it works now!

And three different support techs didn't think of this?

Tags: computers, customer disservice
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