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Rune Magic at work

A few years ago -- and this may already be posted, so forgive me if I'm repeating, but I couldn't find it -- I was looking into the Elder Futhark a bit.

And I was considering the rune Dagaz that day.

Now it had been suggested that one should meditate deeply on the assigned meaning of the rune for several days, and I was on the third day of this one.  I don't know how "deeply meditative" I got, but at least I was thinking about it when my brain wasn't otherwise needed. 

Anyhow...we'd gone to break and come back and I set my machine to running and turned to get something -- and the lead (B****) walks in, looks at the moving machine, looks THROUGH me, turns and asks R. "Is [Zia] back from lunch yet?" in that "Ohboyohjoy, I get to yell at her!" tone. 

R. gets this look on her face (told me later she thought B****'d lost it) and points at me, as if she's a bit too weirded-out at that moment to trust her voice.  Keep in mind I'd been RIGHT THERE in plain view.

So B**** has to come up with some sort of reason it's my fault she wasn't paying attention. 

I found out the next day that one of the properties of this rune is said to be that it can make one invisible.

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