Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray


I think I need someone to talk me through choosing and downloading a thing to backup my LJ.

If ou are good at this and patient with those unsure of such processes, may I ask for a contact # and good time to call?  comments screened, of course!

ETA:  Ok, I got ljarchive-0.9.7-doc  - SecureZIP xpress, downloaded and unzipped it....now how do I tell it to get LJ entries?  And do I have to tell it EACH entry, or just take it to the first one say "Sic 'em!"?

OK, shannihilation  talked me through setting up a copy-to-IJ using LJ-SEC; it did NOT copy comments, though, and I still want a backup to an external drive (which I have on hand) WITH comments.....yeah, I'm ARCO, what about it?
Tags: computers, drama, halp!, help?, questions (non-rhetorical)
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