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Zia Nuray

White Hart and Essential Oils

So I've gotten a few essential oils -- ones I can't find locally -- from this website, and I've been looking at the carrycase, and finally just ordered it.  Wasn't finding anything at the craft shops, basement, etc that I liked that would FIT the bottles properly so spent the $30 (I know, for me right now that's quite a bit and I nearly choked, but it's a good sturdy case and should last me about 30 years).


Room for 22 5, 10, and 15 ml bottles.

Plus a mixing bottle, plus a 4 oz bottle of carrier. 

Current plans: 

15 mls of
Blood Orange
Tea Tree

Thieves' Oil blend
TT/L blend (diluted)

OK, that's 8 -- 14 to go!

Black Pepper
Cajeput (especially in summer -- good for fire ant bites)
Lemongrass or Lemon Eucalyptus (insect repellents)

Juniper or Cypress (for water retention -- both are diuretics)
Sandalwood (10%)
Rose (10%)
Clary Sage
Vitex (maybe -- any interest?) (Mostly used for "female trouble" and difficult menopause)
Helichrysium (10%)

Things that I should be able to "treat" with this kit in its current incarnation are:

scrapes/minor cuts
swollen ankles
sore muscles
insect bites
shingles flare-ups
traveler's trots
sinus congestion
menstrual cramps
minor arthritis pain
headaches (so drink your water anyway -- prevention's better, don'cha think?)

link to that site's uses for their "first aid kit"  which pretty much agrees with the hardcopy books I have had for some time (15 years for some!).

The site gets v-e-r-y specific as to chemotypes and such, and that's ok -- that's their BUSINESS. 

However, tea tree oil is pretty much tea tree, and lavender is pretty much lavender, etc.  Now, lavender is NOT lavandin, and peppermint is not spearmint is not wintergreen, but it's pretty much of a muchness for my current purposes.  If I were in a research lab, looking for the one variety of oil to cure rhinovirus, I'd be getting a lot more specific too.

What am I not thinking of here?  No, I'm not planning to sell the concoctions to patrons; I just want to have them on hand for myself and for any cast who would like to try them.

I'm planning to make some rosewater and some peppermint water also -- peppermint water is supposedly good for the itch of poison ivy (AFTER you get the oil-sap-stuff off!)
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