Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray


Typed up some fliers with info about "Mobile Massage -- I come to you!" and took them to the store out in the Amish community today.  Was certain to add my mailing address because some still don't use phones -- their choice, that's cool.  Many, however, in this area DO use phones, especially if they have a business that deals a lot with English -- the auctioneer who told me that it sounded good, give it a shot being one.  He has a truck and drives too!  It seems a bit...odd?  to see him pop out of the pickup with a cellphone glued to his ear in the traditional garb and beard! 

Also, the store owner (English, like me) is looking at the idea of having me out for the "Grand Re-Opening" in a few weeks.  The old building burned in January and is re-built bigger and better with a small restaurant and freezers to rent and actual flush restrooms!  And there will be a bakery :D

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