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Took the massage chair and went to White Hart auditions today -- I'm not cast, I'm a vendor, therefore I don't audition, but I wanted to see my family and I wanted some practice with people who would be honest if I wasn't up to snuff.  Did about 8 - 10 ppl (i don't even remember for sure, and I think a couple forgot to sign the sheet, but I won't tell if you don't) and came home (DH driving 'cause we took his pickup) and ohmyOWow when I got out of truck. I need to do this a lot more to get built up to where I can walk right after.  Got several comments on my "good energy" and asked if I do Reiki as well; I don't, yet, but will be getting "attuned" soon. 

Apparently my work is adequate -- no one complained to me and I got several complements :D and I want to do more of this!  That chair stuff is good, though I prefer being able to get entirely after someone's ouches, but chair is OK for when there's not-much time.
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