Zia Nuray (zianuray) wrote,
Zia Nuray

Vending and silliness

My favorite question is at the end of the day -- "Do any good?"

Well, y'know, that kinda depends, doesn't it?  If I broke even (materials, table, fuel, lodging if necessary, extra cost of not-at-home food) then I did...ok. 

If I made a profit, even a small one, then by definition I did "pretty well."

I, however, am one of these who could sell everything except the car and the clothes I'm standing in and I'd jut be aggro'd that I didn't bring more!

And no matter what, someone is going to say "this all you got of these?"  *yup*  "got any of these in (color/scent/whatever)?" and you (allright, *I*) just want to slap 'em b/c I just SAID that's what I have.  *Yeah, but I'm not gonna get it out and sell it to ya.*                  !!!!!!!!!!!**^$%$%^

Or you have a candy dish and someone b!+ches b/c you don't have the specific sort they want.

OR someone picks up a set of earrings and "I don't want to pay $XX for these!  I can get the parts for $xx at *place*!"

Last V*C I told a gal to put them down and walk away, then.  I'd held them for her as her daughter had wanted her to see them to replace a similar pair she'd lost.

I'd gotten the parts off the "clearance, we don't carry this anymore" rack months before.  No way was she getting them at that store. 

She came back and bought them later, and did NOT get a discount.   (And her daughter tried to apologize for her mother's snarkage.  Sweet kid, but I told her SHE had nothing to apologize for!)

Or some lazy-@$$ excuse for a parent tells their kids who are hungry and tired to go get more candy from your dish, since it's free and there and they don't want to take the kids to McD cause they're visiting with someone.   Then yells at the kids for acting up 'cause they're sugared up.

And people who leave stuff with you to sell and don't tell you how much you can go down on a price, if any. 

Or people who do you the favor of table-sitting while you hit the privy and sell things for 20% of what you have them marked b/c "they offered."  So you lose

Tags: con, rant, vend
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