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Yes, I use it, it is where the people I like to keep up with hang out.

However, they have a "retrospective" thing going on, like an in-site app that just grabs entries from a couple of years ago and shoves them on your feed.  It has shown up for me three times now.  Each time it was a reminder of someone dear to me who is now dead.

Just what I needed.

And I can't find a way to turn the bloody thing off.

"A new commandment I give unto you. . . ."

I keep seeing references to a secular version of the ten commandments. Think I'll work on my own list. Ten is kind of an arbitrary number, though, so may differ in the "end". (I put end in quotes as it will be -- must be, should be -- an evolving list as changes happen or are brought to my attention.) What is ONE item on your list for modern days?

For me (so far today)

Wheaton's Law
Help when you can
Make time to take care of yourself
Think about it


Wheaton's Law


OK, it's been awhile, been over on the book of faces quite a bit, been reading here and commenting (especially on rix_scaedu 's stories (lovelovelove Nai!)

Seems to be the season for car repairs -- Emie put over a grand into her Honda recently for needed repairs including tires and brakes (yeah, kind of important, huh?), I need to get my Taurus into the shop for an AC/defroster/heater checkup and take a look at oil pressure, several people have broken down in inconvenient palces recently and for more than a quick fix.....

akaemilyrose was able to do Faire this year (and Mother Emma now seems to be the midwife instead of the matchmaker).

I was not able to attend due to a minor medical issue involving an open wound that has not been healing, but with the addition of a wound-vac it's doing better.  I get scared that the tubing will catch on things, due to the location of the wound I can't sleep on my back or my left side, due to me being FAT I can't really sleep on my stomach...waah.  It's healing, that is the big thing.  A visiting nurse comes 2x week to change the dressing since I can't see/get at it.

Another reason Wyndham is a good place for me?  They had set me up with a home office a couple of years ago -- for their convenience more than mine, of course, but it really helps when I'm in this situation!  I do NOT think I would be physically able to do the hour-each-way drive, deal with the vac (or the wet-to-dry dressing changes) at work; it is annoying/tiring enough at home.  I know I would not deal well emotionally with it.

Gonna get a minimum amount of unrefined cocoa butter and shea butter and do a very few single-ingredient twist-up moisturizer sticks -- basically making for myself, but if someone else wants, they can pay what I've got in materials for it.

Request for Reiki -- crossposted to FB

For anyone out there who does Reiki or other distance/energtic healing, I have a request: I could use some. Not only am I working on getting to a better weight for me, I have developed an open wound (think busted blister) on my left ankle and this is what I ask you direct your energy toward if you are so inclined. I am getting the proper medical care, but it is slow to heal (this is normal for the type of wound) and I'm kind of over the whole thing.

Additional deets behind a cut for the easily-squicked

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And Phen again..

Almost two months now on Phen, same dosage.  Not noticing any real changes as far as weight, although my belly seems a little slacker most days.  Biggest change is that my feet don't seem quite so swollen.  Is "feeling the same amount of objective pain more intensely" part of amphetamines/uppers?   Oh, wait, it's not an upper, it's a psychotimulant with similar effects.

I am feeling hungry less often and it does seem to take less to satisfy me. Energy levels dont' seem to have changed overal, except that some days I have less doe to sleep disturbances the night before (i. e., "not sleeping" -- not falling asleep until very late, waking several times during the night, etc.).

Worth it?  The jury is still out.

They're here!

Since I don't get to Cons much, are there any Authors/Artists/Satirists/Etc seeing this who would sign a CAH blank for me? Please message your mailing address and what remuneration would be required.

Dr's office visit today

Seeing about weight loss meds as part of the whole hoop-jumping thing for the bariatric surgery possibility.

So far I have
1) cut back on soda and
2) increased my water intake,
3) been paying more attention to what i eat and when and how
4) found out that some of what i had been eating was from habit or boredom and working on modifying behavior to adjust for that
5) started other strenghtning/posture exercises
and Google isn't showing anything with they keywords i used, so...here goes:

Logic and Religion and History

In the Old Testament in the KJV), the Spirit of God is mentioned.  I am told that the Hebrew word is the Shekinah, the Bride of the (male) God, the Female Principle of God, a/the Goddess. The Hebrew Goddess, Raphael Patai is one reference, also I noticed this in some of Grandma's old "Biblical Archaeology" magazines as a teenagaer, and heard it from a Baptist/Protestant pastor or two at various times.

In the New Testament, Luke 1:35, "And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee"

The concept called in the OT the Shekinah, feminine, is the same as the concept in the NT, the Holy Ghost.

So...Mary got pregnant by girl-on-girl action.

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